Content Delivery

1 – Production Facilities 

  • Encoders create 720p RTMP stream from HDMI / SDI video sources 
  • There can be up to 6 video streams for one webcast 
  • These streams are pushed to a CVC Video Server 

2 – CVC Broadcast Head-end Video Servers 

  • Servers with high-end GPU card for video processing 
  • Use Wowza Streaming Engine software 
  • Incoming streams are transrated to create alternate video formats for adaptive-bit-rate (ABR) viewing (720p, 480p, 360p, audio only) 
  • All streams are pushed to Akamai Ingest 
  • All servers have identical configurations and streams can be redirected to any server 

3 – Akamai Ingest 

  • Makes streams available for globally distributed edge servers 

4 – Akamai Edge – HTTPS 

  • These streams are required for HTTPS delivery where the webcast is initiated with an HTTPS page 

5 – Akamai Edge – HTTP 

  • These streams are customized to satisfy the caching requirements of SSC traffic shaping appliances installed in departmental perimeter networks  

6 – Public Network 

  • Using our MAXPlayer/MAXPath software webcast viewers access the streams from the Akamai Edge servers 

7 – Enterprise Network with Wowza Live Edge Server 

  • Our MAXPath software checks the network IP of the viewer and will be directed to a local caching server if it available.   That server has a single connection to the Wowza server that is managing the streams for distribution locally.  This eliminates Internet gateway congestion. 

8 – Enterprise Network with Video Caching Appliance 

  • Those webcasts that can make use of a local video caching appliance will access the compatible stream necessary 

9 – Control Center 

  • The control center can be any PC, MAC or smart device using a browser 
  • Wowza management software 
    • Individual streams can be monitored 
    • Server performance can be monitored 
    • Streams can be redirected if necessary 
    • Server logs can be viewed for errors and warnings 
  • Akamai Control Center 
    • Active streams reporting 
    • Access to support – if tagged urgent response can be within minutes