MAXPATH is the solution to enterprise Internet gateway congestion

  • Access control – by referring domain, password required, viewer’s network 
  • Checks IP address of Enterprise Network Gateway 
  • Creates the list of the IP addresses of caching appliances on their network, plus the public access IP address and passes this back to the MAXPlayer 
  • MAXPlayer cycles through this list until a connection is made 

For Enterprises, many people on their network accessing video streams can easily overload their Internet connection and disrupt all Internet access.  We recognized this issue early on and created MAXPath.  MAXPath works with our MAXPlayer.  The viewer’s preferences define a target stream.  Our MAXPlayer passes the resultant stream identifier to MAXPath.  First, MAXPath checks to see if any access controls have been set.  These can include referring domain, password needed and origin network.  If any are set and the test fails, access to the stream is denied.  Each enterprise client, MAXPath has a data table that includes the Internet IP address of their gateway connection and the IP address of any video caching appliances that reside on their network.  MAXPATH returns to MAXPlayer a list of device IP addresses where the stream can be accessed.  These caching appliances access a single stream from the source and share it within their network eliminating any possible network issues.  If there are multiple sources within the enterprise network, all of these are passed to the player including the public source and the MAXPlayer goes through the list until a connection is made.