CollaborateVideo’s Enterprise Webcasting

October 26 2023

In need of an all-in-one solution for your town hall meeting, product launch, AGM, or other corporate communications? Managing an event audience and driving engagement is a lot, so let us help!

In the realm of webcasting, it’s not just about hosting an enterprise event. You want to learn and understand what worked so you can refine your approach for future success. Whether your company is seasoned at hosting large-scale virtual events or just stepping into the world of webcasting, wielding analytics and incorporating insights will ensure that your webcasts are not just events but experiences!

CollaborateVideo’s robust analytics reporting system allows you to:

  • Obtain specific insights into individual attendee behaviour and measure the time each participant spent watching the webcast
  • Assess viewer engagement by breaking down watch time into five-minute intervals
  • Identify popular sessions and understand when audience interest peaked or waned as well as any trends in viewer behaviour
  • Access viewer counts on demand during live events and monitor engagement metrics to make informed decisions on the fly
  • Enhance the overall live experience by responding to viewer dynamics in real time
  • Understand language preferences, audio choices, and accessibility feature usage so you can tailor future webcasts to the specific needs and preferences of different audience segments.
  • Track your event’s overall attendance, calculate average engagement, and use these figures to assess the success of your webcast and inform future event strategies

CollaborateVideo’s Platform

Webcasting offers more than a means to broadcasting content, it allows you to create an interactive and immersive audience experience. Whether you’re hosting a town hall, training session, or product launch, our enterprise solutions are designed for flexibility, providing you with:

Best of Both WorldsSimple PricingProfessional Look & SoundIn-Depth Analytics
A high-quality and fully-featured webcasting platform that allows you to use additional apps in your StudioOne price regardless of the number of participants, the only variable is the virtual event’s lengthIf you need AV support, we partner with the best in the business that will turn your webinar into a high-quality live broadcastReports that include everything from watch time at 5-minute intervals to language and audio breakdowns
Support hybrid events by allowing your remote audience to interact with your venue panelistsWhether it’s 500 or 5,000 viewers, the price remains the same with NO overage feesWe have audio-visual partners located all across CanadaCustom information can be identified during participant registration and login

With everyone meeting online today, companies need stable, high-resolution video and audio streams. Of course, most of this traffic still has to go through network firewalls. CollaborateVideo’s technology enables the redistribution of video streams within your organization’s network by bringing a single stream through the gateway and then redistributing it internally. As more users access the feed, the connection doesn’t suffer from the added bandwidth!

CollaborateVideo has over 25 years of experience working within organizational IT infrastructures and can provide enterprise-level webcasting and video solutions that won’t break things. Our proven and inexpensive solutions combine video distribution with an intelligent browser-based platform that can integrate any third-party apps as well as our own chat, Q&A, polling, voting, and survey features into your event!

Event Website & RegistrationCustom FeaturesLive SupportStreaming & Post-Production
Client and event branded website as well as advance or same-day registration with controlled access and two-factor authentication.Branded and configured features including Q&A, chat, polling, real-time captions, ASL and LSQ (separate window), resources links, and simultaneous interpretationLive technical support services for closed captioning, simultaneous audio interpretation, ASL and LSQ, event producer(s), remote participants, and our analytics reporting systemStrictly streaming services (to third-party platforms) are available as well as post-production services like audio and video editing, transcription, archive packaging, and hosting

CollaborateVideo’s Consulting & Support

We also offer consulting and support services available where our technicians work with enterprises to establish the webcasting infrastructure in support of aims like enterprise-level collaboration and hybrid training. Our requirements definition phase will outline objectives, available resources, and any restraints.

We’ll then develop and present the vision and share it with stakeholders for consensus. Based on these needed and agreed-upon requirements, we formulate video distribution system design options. Our project management and technical expertise teams work with the enterprise implementation team to procure, install, and support the system’s configuration.


From a robust webcasting platform and ongoing technical support to feature requests and custom builds, our enterprise solutions do it all. Contact CollaborateVideo today to discuss your enterprise webcasting needs. Elevate and engage your audience, the stage is yours!

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