Are your live webcast events becoming too complex to manage? CollaborateVideo’s platform will relieve your stress and deliver an easy-to-use webcasting experience!

Our comprehensive webcasting solutions are perfect for internal and external organizational events like AGMs, town halls, and conferences. Whether you’re launching a new product, delivering a shareholder presentation, or hosting a webinar, our customizable platform has you covered.

Event Setup

Perfect for creating feature-rich virtual event experiences that include:

  • Branded website creation
  • Attendee registration
  • Secure access and authentication
  • Language and accessibility configuration
  • Audience engagement options

Webcast Delivery

Supported by Akamai’s content distribution network making it capable of:

  • Unlimited webcast participants
  • Hybrid event designs with a venue-based stream
  • Adaptive bitrate streams with fail-safe redundancy
  • Internal network distribution

Content & Analysis

Customize your content and analyze the end-user experience with:

  • Selectable language, video, and audio settings
  • Participant navigation and engagement options
  • Real-time event support
  • Advanced analytics reporting (real-time and post-event)

Event Setup

CollaborateVideo delivers a branded, secure and accessible webcast event ecosystem.

Website Creation

  • Integration of branded client-supplied graphics or artwork generated by our team
  • Event description, agenda, speaker biographies, and links to related websites

Attendee Registration

  • User-definable registration information
  • Registration links, event agendas, and other important attendee information in one convenient location

Access Control

  • Password controlled access
  • Access control through designated websites (referral domains) and IP networks
  • 2-factor verification process


  • Single or multiple languages
  • Video formats and audio options
  • WCAG 2.1 AA certified accessibility features
  • Audience engagement tools with third-party integration options

Webcast Delivery

CollaborateVideo provides a robust and reliable webcast platform that is heavily customizable.

Unlimited Viewers

  • There is no practical limit to the number of webcast participants
  • Leverages Akamai’s content distribution network (CDN) of more than 365,000 servers

Hybrid Events

  • Our broadcast head-end servers receive incoming streams from venue-based encoders
  • The streams are converted to a universal protocol and multiple varying bitrate streams are pushed out for end-user access

Streaming Reliability

  • Monitors available bandwidth and switches between streams for an optimized viewer experience
  • Servers are teamed for fail-over with different physical and internet access locations

Internal network distribution

  • Compatible stream will be sourced for viewers with video caching appliances
  • Local stream will be sourced for viewers within an enterprise with its own video distribution system

Content & Analysis

CollaborateVideo delivers an engaging content experience with an advanced analytics reporting system for user insights.

General Features

  • Compatible with all common browsers and smart devices
  • Customizable graphics and interface
  • Multiple language, video, and audio selectable settings (including simultaneous interpretation)

Navigation & Engagements

  • Viewers to select features
  • Ability for multiple breakout rooms
  • Integration of third-party web apps
  • Chat, polling, and Q&A capabilities

Live Support

  • Dedicated resources area with access to archived topics
  • Table of shortcut keys
  • Access to real-time support staff through the Helpdesk

Advanced Reporting

  • Real-time and summary reports on viewership by language, audio, and accessibility feature
  • Stats on attendance, peak and average viewership, as well as engagement
  • Data collected at 5-minute intervals with viewer groupings by watch time

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