Accessible & Inclusive Webcasting

June 12 2024

From virtual meetings and webinars to conferences and training sessions, webcasting offers a convenient and efficient way to reach people. Bridge the digital divide by limiting and addressing things like language barriers with inclusive webcasting practices!

How Livestreaming Bridges Our Need for Connection

May 16 2024

Few things are more frustrating than a one-sided conversation. Listening to someone drone on about themselves without pause to ask anything of their conversation counterpart is exhausting, frustrating, and leads to disconnection. The same is true online...

Webcasting Tips, Tricks & Solutions!

April 16 2024

Offering inventive webcasting solutions to meet the communications needs of our clients is what we do at CollaborateVideo. Our platform provides the tools and support needed to deliver exceptional digital experiences. So, here’s a brief guide for your next webcast event!

Webcasting & the Accessible Canada Regulations

February 29 2024

Making information accessible to everyone is not just a choice but a necessity. This principle is embodied in the Accessible Canada Act which aims to create a barrier-free Canada. So let’s delve into the webcasting side of things and how we can help you ensure compliance!

Enhancing Accessibility & Audio-Visual Excellence

February 16 2024

In the landscape of virtual communication and events, the intersection between webcasting, accessibility, and audio-visual prowess has become a focal point. It is crucial to ensure that these experiences are inclusive and technologically advanced.

Audio-Visual Meets Webcasting: A Game-Changer for All Events!

January 18 2024

In the landscape of event management, technology continues to reshape the way we plan, execute, and experience different gatherings. Whether you’re preparing for a town hall, AGM, or training workshop, webcasting provides a host of benefits that elevate the overall event experience!

Building Audio-Visual Bridges of Connectivity

December 19 2023

The amalgamation and expansion of webcasting with other event types and audio-visual solutions is now commonplace, serving as a linchpin for numerous organizations. This synergy creates an intricate opportunity for collaboration and partnerships with audio-visual service providers.

Our Enterprise Webcasting Best Practices

November 2 2023

As organizations increasingly turn to virtual events, the importance of not only hosting but understanding and optimizing these experiences cannot be overstated. Enter CollaborateVideo’s webcasting platform and analytics solutions!

CollaborateVideo’s Enterprise Webcasting

October 26 2023

In need of an all-in-one solution for your town hall meeting, product launch, AGM, or other corporate communications? In the realm of webcasting, it's not just about hosting an enterprise event. You want to learn and understand what worked so you can refine your approach for future success.