Our Enterprise Webcasting Best Practices

November 2 2023

As organizations increasingly turn to virtual events, the importance of not only hosting but understanding and optimizing these experiences cannot be overstated. Enter CollaborateVideo’s webcasting platform and analytics solutions!

CollaborateVideo’s Enterprise Webcasting

October 26 2023

In need of an all-in-one solution for your town hall meeting, product launch, AGM, or other corporate communications? In the realm of webcasting, it's not just about hosting an enterprise event. You want to learn and understand what worked so you can refine your approach for future success.

CollaborateVideo’s Data-Driven Webcasting

October 19 2023

The lights dim, the virtual stage is set, and the countdown begins. You’re geared up for another engaging company webcasting event but how are you going to measure that? What kind of data are your stakeholders demanding to evaluate the success of your event and its ROI?

Accessible Webcasting Solutions? Think CollaborateVideo!

September 29 2023

Want to ensure that your webcasts and virtual events are accessible to everyone? Organizations need platforms that incorporate accessibility features to make events accessible to a wider range of individuals, organizations need CollaborateVideo!

CollaborateVideo’s Hybrid Success Formula

September 22 2023

Looking to bring together your in-person and remote audiences? CollaborateVideo’s customizable platform will help participants get the most out of your event, no matter where they’re located!

How CollaborateVideo Can Help Expand Your Outreach

September 15 2023

Looking for powerful group collaboration features in a scalable platform? CollaborateVideo’s government-tailored solutions are perfect for department town hall meetings, workshops and seminars, or presenting to colleagues across different locations.

Lights, Camera, Access With CollaborateVideo!

August 28 2023

Are you in the business of crafting amazing audio-visual events? We've got a backstage pass that will turn your clients’ events into unforgettable and inclusive experiences with our comprehensive accessibility solutions!

Unleash the Power of Hybrid Events With CollaborateVideo

August 28 2023

Are you ready to take your hybrid events to the next level? At CollaborateVideo, we're not just about events — we're about unforgettable experiences. Partner with us to offer your clients unbeatable hybrid event services.

Elevate Your Events With CollaborateVideo’s Webcasting

August 28 2023

Whether it's a corporate seminar, town hall meeting, product launch, or industry conference, the power and reach of webcasting are undeniable. Here’s why CollaborateVideo should be your go-to partner!

CollaborateVideo Launches Exciting Brand Refresh: Webcasting for All!

August 25 2023

CollaborateVideo is proud to announce its brand refresh to better serve our customers in the public, private, and audio-visual company spaces.