Want to ensure that your webcasts and virtual events are accessible to everyone? CollaborateVideo’s platform is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant with accessibility features that allow for a more inclusive experience.

Incorporating accessibility features makes your virtual events accessible to a wider range of individuals. Organizations require platforms that include and accommodate everyone… organizations need CollaborateVideo. 

Closed Captions

  • Closed captions and transcripts assist people with hearing loss and participants in noisier environments
  • Benefits listeners who may not share the same native language as the speaker

Audio Descriptions

  • Audio descriptions provide additional information about the visual content for people with blindness or low vision

Keyboard Accessibility

  • Shortcut keys enable quick access to specific navigation elements of the webcast platform

User Technologies

  • Compatible with other assistive technologies like screen readers and voice recognition
  • Ability to switch language, audio preference, and video stream quality during a live broadcast

Language Options

  • Multiple spoken language options
  • Sign language options (ASL/QSL)
  • Simultaneous Interpretation

Where Inclusivity Meets Innovation

The Accessible Canada Act (ACA) focuses on creating a more inclusive Canada by breaking down barriers across various sectors, from employment to information and communication technologies. The legislation requires that organizations prepare and publish accessibility plans to identify, remove and prevent barriers in priority areas. CollaborateVideo understands that webcasting is more than just sharing information, it’s about creating an event that everyone can participate in.

Our platform enables organizations to provide their webcast participants with:

  • A user-friendly interface designed with accessibility in mind
  • Accessible formats, communication, and reporting supports
  • Intuitive navigation and compatibility with assistive technologies
  • Closed captions and various audio descriptions to ensure an inclusive experience
  • Multiple language and sign language options as well as simultaneous interpretation capability
  • Dynamic and accessible live chat features so everyone can actively participate in discussions

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