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Over 25 years of innovation and client satisfaction!

We are a boutique technology services company specializing in webcasting solutions. Our service-driven team can take on almost any live virtual event with a responsive and nimble approach. 

At CollaborateVideo, we believe in webcasting for all. Our mission is to deliver professional and accessible webcasting experiences for our clients in the public and private sectors, such as the audio-visual industry. We strive to ensure that hybrid and virtual events benefit everyone by incorporating accessibility features, leveraging powerful group collaboration tools, and eliminating bandwidth constraints.

Since 1997, the founders of CollaborateVideo Corp. have been pioneering streaming technology. While working on a video project at the Communications Research Centre Canada, we were inspired by the possibilities that merging television with the Internet would bring. We founded MAXDigital Broadcasting Inc. where we created a content distribution service and player software that could meet the harsh constraints of bandwidth availability.

In response to client needs and the evolving video technology landscape, our software and content delivery services progressively expanded in scope and functionality over time. This legacy has both prepared and positioned us as experts in the world of webcasting. Today, our CollaborateVideo platform supports thousands of colleagues and their projects in both the private and public sectors. So, what would you like to collaborate on?

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