MAXPlayer: Your Participant Experience

"I’m beyond amazed of all the features, services and skills that your player has, it is simply incredible!"

Andres Hidalgo, Akamai Technologies



Browser-based: No application software to install

Works on all common devices: PC’s, MAC’s, Smart Phones, Tablets


Information collected: Up to 10 user definable questions with answer lists.  These answers can be used in the Analytics system for filtering results.



Access Control

Password:  Any character string

Referring Domain:  Only participants that launch MAXPlayer from a designated website are permitted.  This enables in-house access control implemented on these origin websites.

Network:  Only participants coming from designated IP networks are permitted.


Comprehensive analytical reporting including real-time statistics

Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

Video format automatically adapts to bandwidth available to the viewer.


User Selectable Settings

Language: English and French.  The core player software is language independent.  All textual information can be presented in many languages.

Video Formats: 720P, 480P, 360P, 240P and audio only

Audio Options: Speaker audio plus any number of simultaneous interpretation feeds

Navigation Options

Sessions: For live events with multiple concurrent sessions, gives the participant choice of session to attend.  For archived events, lists the presentations available for review.

Topics: For archived sessions, the user can go to a specific topic or slide within a presentation.

Resources: List of resources available with URLs that can point to websites or documents for download.

Voting:  Link to a commercially available Internet voting service of your choice.

Participate:  Forward questions or comments to the venue. This is implemented with a client-defined email address and enables quality assurance on content.

HelpdeskSubmit a helpdesk request to a client-defined email address.

Settings:  Participant can switch languages, audio source and format options at any time.

Captioning:  Real-time captioning displayed on video window in selected language.

Signing:  Separate video window with Signer presenting American Sign Language in selected language. or Chat: Presented in separate window.

Any third party web application can be included.

Video Player Branding

Video Player Branding

User interface:  Personalize the MAXPlayer user interface with enterprise and event branding:  footers, video window, background page (specific to language selected by participant)