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The Future of Livestreaming is Conversational

Few things are more frustrating than a one-sided conversation. Listening to someone drone on about themselves without pause to ask anything of their conversation counterpart is exhausting, frustrating, and leads to disconnection.

The same is true online, but few platforms create meaningful opportunities for two-way engagement. Largely, the only way for streamers to connect with their audience on an individual level is to acknowledge a comment or answer a question, but beyond that, there is little appreciation for the viewer.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Twitch’s most-followed streamer, emphasizes the value of making individual connections in his “Become a Streamer” course on MasterClass. According to Ninja, individual engagement is as simple as remembering comments from top followers from stream to stream and asking them follow-up questions the next time you see them in the chat.

But at scale, or with hundreds of comments pouring in at once during popular live streams, this isn’t realistic for all creators.

Creators are increasingly leaning on new tools to make streaming feel personal for each user. For example, chat-powered polls, interactive maps, and question aggregators turn cascading comment sections into engaging visuals that acknowledge users’ inputs as more than just fleeting statements.

In the coming months, data will become instrumental to streamers’ decision-making and community expansion. Streamers looking for a strategic approach to measured growth should turn to data that helps them understand and engage their audience. Using new tools to track most engaged users and stream performance over time helps creators to know what’s resonating in their communities.

The advantage is two-fold. Viewers feel more engaged and enriched and streamers reap the benefits of higher engagement, enabling them to continue to produce quality content. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Turning Conversation into Community

In the long term, streamers across platforms are striving to cement communities of like-minded hobbyists, encourage dialogue and foster connection. But to do so requires intentionality and a dedicated strategy to sustaining conversation—not only from the creator to their audience but also between audience members.

One way streamers can develop enduring conversations is to adopt a multi-platform approach, utilizing different platforms to cater to various aspects of their community. For instance, they might use Twitch for live streams, YouTube for edited highlights, and Discord for ongoing conversations and community-building activities.

This strategy not only broadens the creator’s reach but also provides alternative ways for the audience to engage with the content and each other, fostering a more robust and interconnected community. Creators should prioritize tools that integrate easily across all of their channels, keeping the experience consistent no matter the platform.

Creators can also leverage the power of storytelling by incorporating interactive elements into their streams. By allowing viewers to influence the direction of the content through making choices or giving suggestions in real-time in the chat to open-ended prompts, creators can craft an immersive experience that resonates more deeply with their audience because they have bought into the narrative. This collaborative storytelling approach not only keeps viewers engaged but also makes them feel appreciated as co-creators of the content. It simply requires implementing existing technology that visualizes live chat responses as users engage.

Creating Connection

Building a loyal following takes time—just ask Taylor Swift, who’s been at it for nearly two decades. But by bringing the right combination of technology and structure to livestreaming, creators can cultivate relationships that feel as authentic as friends sitting over a dinner table or New Yorker’s singing Celine Dion. In a new world, where digital connections are poised to become a central part of our lives, creators eager to grow with their audiences should prioritize creating individual relationships, making space on their platforms for two-way dialogue.

Offering inventive webcasting solutions to meet the communications needs of our clients is what we do at CollaborateVideo. Our platform provides the tools and support needed to deliver exceptional digital experiences. So, here’s a brief guide with some actionable strategies and techniques for your next webcast event!

Prioritizing Accessibility

When you’re in the planning and strategizing phases of your event, make accessibility a primary consideration. CollaborateVideo’s platform provides customizable features for inclusivity, including closed captioning, simultaneous interpretation, sign language and multi-language support, ensuring accessibility for all participants.

Audio-Visual Tools

Investing in state-of-the-art audio-visual tools is essential for delivering an immersive event experience. CollaborateVideo supports high-definition video streaming and pristine audio quality, offering your audience an unparalleled viewing and listening experience.

Audience Engagement & Interaction

Keep your audience engaged throughout your virtual and hybrid events by integrating interactive elements. CollaborateVideo offers a suite of interactive features such as live polling, interactive Q&A sessions, and virtual breakout rooms, fostering active participation and dynamic interaction among participants.

Rigorous Testing for Seamless Execution

Before going live with your virtual communication, conducting comprehensive testing to ensure flawless live execution is not only advantageous, it’s necessary. Whether it’s catching a technical hiccup beforehand or just getting everyone involved familiar with how the event will flow, rehearsal sessions allow you to identify and resolve any issues proactively.

Personalized Content Delivery

Tailor your content delivery to cater to the specific interests and preferences of your audience segments. CollaborateVideo’s platform offers a suite of engagement and analytics features that allow you to gain insights into audience behaviour and preferences. By leveraging data-driven insights, you can refine your content strategies and optimize the overall experience.

Fostering Collaboration & Teamwork

Encourage collaboration and teamwork among participants to maximize the effectiveness of your virtual or hybrid events like town halls and AGMs, press conferences, training workshops, and seminars. CollaborateVideo offers collaborative features that facilitate seamless collaboration and idea exchange among team members. 

Enhancing Branding & Visual Identity

Ensure consistency in branding and visual identity across all aspects of your events. CollaborateVideo’s platform allows you to customize branding elements such as logos, colour schemes, and backgrounds, creating a cohesive and professional look for your virtual events. Doing so helps strengthen your brand recognition and leaves a longer-lasting impression

CollaborateVideo — Addressing Your Webcasting Needs

CollaborateVideo understands the significance of delivering seamless and engaging virtual experiences, which is why we offer a range of innovative solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We’re committed to helping our clients succeed in their communication endeavours. Our platform and solutions provide advanced features and functionalities that empower you to deliver exceptional experiences. 

Here’s how CollaborateVideo can elevate your webcasting experiences:


Are you prepared to take your virtual communications to unprecedented levels of success? Discover how CollaborateVideo can elevate your webcasting experiences and help propel your virtual and hybrid events toward success — contact us today!

Making information accessible to everyone is not just a choice but a necessity. This principle is embodied in the Accessible Canada Act (ACA) which aims to create a barrier-free Canada. This legislation focuses on several key areas, from employment to information and communication technologies. So let’s delve into the webcasting side of things and how CollaborateVideo can help you ensure that your virtual and hybrid events are compliant!

Webcasting With Accessibility in Mind

CollaborateVideo understands the importance of making digital content accessible to everyone. Our commitment to inclusivity and webcasting for all is a driving force behind the design and development of our platform. One of the significant aspects of the Accessible Canada Act relevant to webcasting is the need for accessible formats and communication supports. This involves ensuring that individuals can access information in a way that works best for them. 

CollaborateVideo’s platform provides customizable closed captions, enabling viewers to follow the content effortlessly. Our platform also supports audio descriptions for videos on demand (VOD), making visual content more accessible. We believe that every user deserves an enriching and immersive experience, and we’ve implemented features that go beyond the standard to ensure that everyone can participate.

Where Compliance Meets Innovation

The Accessible Canada Act emphasizes the importance of designing and delivering information and communication technologies that are accessible to everyone. CollaborateVideo not only complies with these regulations but goes beyond to make webcasting a seamless experience with our user-friendly interface designed with accessibility in mind. 

Navigating through the platform is intuitive and we’ve prioritized compatibility with assistive technologies, ensuring that users with disabilities can easily engage with the content. Webcasting is about fostering real-time interaction and engagement and we take pride in offering live chat features that are not only dynamic but also accessible. We understand this significance and our platform ensures that every user can actively participate in these discussions.

Additionally, the CollaborateVideo platform supports multiple languages and sign language options, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their preferences and needs. These language options combined with simultaneous interpretation help eliminate language-based barriers to accessing information.

CollaborateVideo’s Ongoing Commitment

Our platform is meticulously designed to meet the accessibility standards set by the Accessible Canada Act. By choosing CollaborateVideo, organizations can ensure that their webcasts are not only engaging and informative but also fully compliant with the law. Our platform provides organizations with the tools they need to go beyond mere compliance and truly embrace inclusivity with robust accessibility features.

It’s crucial to recognize that organizations that fail to adhere to the regulations outlined in the Accessible Canada Act may find themselves facing legal consequences. Non-compliance can result in penalties, fines, and (more significantly) creates barriers rather than removing them. Organizations must take a proactive approach towards accessibility and doing so benefits everyone be it the employers, employees, and persons with disabilities.


Navigating the landscape of webcasting, accessibility, and regulatory compliance just got simpler. By choosing CollaborateVideo, organizations can be confident and compliant with regulatory accessibility standards — contact us today!

In the dynamic landscape of virtual communication and events, the intersection between webcasting, accessibility, and audio-visual prowess has become a focal point for organizations. As the demand for online continues to grow, it is crucial to ensure that these experiences are inclusive and technologically advanced. CollaborateVideo offers cutting-edge webcasting solutions that seamlessly integrate accessibility features and elevate your event’s overall audio-visual experience.

The Significance of Accessibility in Webcasting

Accessibility is not just a buzzword, it’s a fundamental principle that shapes the inclusivity of online content and events. When it comes to webcasting, ensuring accessibility is paramount for several reasons.

Firstly, a more accessible webcasting experience broadens the audience reach. People with disabilities, including those with visual or auditory impairments, should be able to engage with the content effortlessly. Incorporating features like closed captions and sign language ensures that everyone can participate, fostering a more diverse and engaged audience.

Secondly, accessibility is not only a requirement in many cases but also a moral imperative. Ensuring that your webcasts are accessible reflects a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, aligning your organization with values that resonate with a wide range of audiences. CollaborateVideo understands the importance of accessibility in webcasting and has incorporated a suite of features that make their platform stand out in this regard.

Closed CaptionsAudio DescriptionsKeyboard AccessibilityUser TechnologiesLanguage Options
Closed captions and transcripts assist people with hearing loss and participants in noisier environmentsAudio descriptions for videos on demand (VOD) provide additional information about the visual content for people with blindness or low visionShortcut keys enable quick access to specific navigation elements of the webcast platformCompatible with other assistive technologies like screen readers and voice recognitionMultiple spoken language options
Benefits listeners who may not share the same native language as the speakerAbility to switch language, audio preference, and video stream quality during a live broadcastSign language options (ASL/QSL) and Simultaneous Interpretation

Webcasting as an Essential Part of the Event Audio-Visual Ecosystem

In the age of digital connectivity, webcasting has become a cornerstone in the event audio-visual tool belt. The ability to broadcast events to a boundaryless audience brings unprecedented opportunities for businesses, educational institutions, and event organizers.

Webcasting enables organizations to break geographical barriers, allowing participants in different locations to join an event without the constraints of physical presence and travelling. This is particularly important in today’s interconnected world, where collaboration, education, and business dealings are increasingly conducted on a global scale.

Moreover, the immersive audio-visual experience that webcasting offers enhances audience engagement. The combination of high-quality video streaming, crystal-clear audio, and interactive features ensures that participants feel connected and invested in the content being presented. This is where CollaborateVideo’s webcasting solutions shine!

Increased AttendanceFlexibilityCost EffectivenessGreater Engagement
Hybrid and virtual events allow individuals to participate in-person and virtually, increasing overall attendanceWebcasting events provide attendees with with more options to participateHybrid events can be more cost-effective than traditional events Hybrid webcasts include interactive features made available to both the in-person and virtual attendees
By eliminating barriers like cost and distance, more people are likely to joinYour event can cater to people’s preferences, circumstances, and needsVirtual attendees do not incur travel or accommodation expensesOnline technologies provide more ways for participants to engage

Our Approach to Accessibility & Audio-Visual Excellence

CollaborateVideo is committed to delivering webcasting solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the platform is designed with a focus on inclusivity. Here’s how CollaborateVideo addresses the intersection between webcasting, accessibility, and audio-visual excellence:

  1. Captions & Subtitles: CollaborateVideo’s webcasting solutions provide seamless integration of closed captions and subtitles, ensuring that all participants can follow the content in real-time, enhancing the overall experience.
  1. Sign Language Interpretation: CollaborateVideo supports sign language interpretation which is a game-changing feature that make webcasts more accessible and inclusive.
  1. Audio Description: Audio descriptions are another crucial element that allow organizers to provide detailed audio descriptions of visual content, ensuring that everyone can fully comprehend and enjoy the presented material.
  1. Interactive & Engagement Features: Our platform allows for interactive features like live polls, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking, making your event more dynamic and participatory.
  1. Robust Video & Audio Streaming: CollaborateVideo uses Akamai’s content distribution network to ensure that participants receive content in the best possible resolution and clarity (irrespective of their location or device).

The synergy between webcasting, accessibility, and audio-visual excellence is at the core of CollaborateVideo’s mission. Embracing accessibility not only fulfills legal and ethical obligations but also positions businesses and organizations as leaders in creating inclusive and engaging virtual experiences. CollaborateVideo provides webcasting solutions that set the standard for accessibility and audio-visual excellence!

Are you ready for unparalleled accessibility and audio-visual excellence? Make your events truly inclusive and engaging with CollaborateVideo! Contact us to see how our platform can transform your online experiences and set a new standard for webcasting accessibility. 

In the landscape of event management, technology continues to reshape the way we plan, execute, and experience different gatherings. One of the most revolutionary tools in this audio-visual transformation is webcasting. Whether you’re preparing for a town hall meeting, AGM, or training workshop, webcasting provides a host of benefits that help elevate the overall event experience!

Town Hall & AGM

Town halls and AGMs are crucial events for organizations to connect with their employees and stakeholders. Webcasting breaks down geographical barriers, allowing participants to attend virtually. CollaborateVideo’s webcasting solutions, enable seamless streaming, ensuring that no one misses out on the important discussions and decisions. Webcasting facilitates real-time Q&A sessions and polls, enhancing engagement during town halls. 

Attendees can actively participate and provide feedback, fostering a sense of inclusivity. CollaborateVideo’s features make interaction smooth and intuitive, transforming traditional town halls into dynamic, two-way communication channels! Our webcasting solutions offer the option to record and archive these sessions as well. This allows participants to revisit discussions, ensuring that information is easily accessible for future reference.

Press Conference

Press conferences demand timely and widespread coverage and webcasting ensures instant access! CollaborateVideo’s platform supports high-quality streaming and rapid content delivery, helping meet the demands of today’s fast-paced information environments. Our platform also allows you to integrate media elements like images, videos, and slides that enhance the overall experience. 

This multimedia approach adds depth to the content, making it more engaging and informative for both media professionals and the audience. In cases where security is paramount, we can offer password protection and restricted access features to ensure that your release is exclusive to the intended audience.

Awards & Entertainment

Awards and entertainment events thrive on visual appeal. Webcasting enhances the visual experience by delivering high-definition video and audio quality. CollaborateVideo’s solutions make sure that every glittering moment is captured and broadcasted with clarity. We enable organizers to create a virtual red carpet experience, allowing attendees to witness the glamour and excitement from the comfort of their homes! 

Webcasting expands the reach of your awards events to a broader audience while providing additional accessibility options. Your event can include closed captions and audio descriptions, be compatible with assistive user technologies, and have different spoken as well as sign language options. Our webcasting solutions can also integrate with social media platforms, allowing viewers to share their favourite moments, foster online conversations and increase your event’s visibility.

Training & Workshops

Webcasting transforms traditional training and workshop events by providing a flexible learning environment. With a flexible platform that supports various devices and allows participants to join remotely, you can host larger training workshops while eliminating the need for travel and accommodation expenses. 

CollaborateVideo’s solutions allow organizers to create training sessions that reinforce learning and accommodate different learning styles. Our platform enhances training and workshops by offering interactive tools like live chat and breakout sessions. These features foster engagement among participants, making the learning experience more dynamic and effective!

Conferences & Seminars

Webcasting enables the creation of hybrid conferences and seminars, allowing participants to choose between in-person and virtual attendance. This flexibility broadens the event’s reach and accommodates diverse preferences. CollaborateVideo’s solutions ensure seamless integration of both physical and virtual components of your conference or seminar. 

During the event, webcasting encourages networking by offering virtual meeting rooms, live chat features, and interactive Q&A sessions. Attendees can connect with speakers and fellow participants, fostering meaningful connections beyond the physical event space. We also provide comprehensive analytics with invaluable data to help organizers optimize future events.


Webcasting is a versatile and powerful tool that significantly enhances the experience of various events. CollaborateVideo’s platform, tailored for specific event types, brings added value through features that prioritize accessibility, engagement, security, and flexibility. Contact us to see how our webcasting solutions can take your event to the next level!

In the realm of audio-visual services and productions, webcasting is a pivotal component. The amalgamation and expansion of webcasting with other event types and solutions is now commonplace, serving as a linchpin for numerous organizations. This synergy creates an intricate opportunity for collaboration and partnerships with audio-visual service providers.

Although we’ve been pioneering webcasting for a very long time, the pandemic brought with it a revolutionizing transition. Our foresight in integrating comprehensive accessibility features facilitated the adaptation and evolution that organizations took on. Clients found solace in our ability to provide a platform that facilitated remote and hybrid work as well as so much more!

CollaborateVideo’s already robust webcasting platform evolved to offer more advanced tools and strategies for successful organizational webcasting. These tools and strategies revolve around important elements like user engagement, high-quality production, and optimized accessibility.

A local audio-visual supplier we have a history of working with is Baldwin Audio-Visual Solutions. CollaborateVideo’s partnership has helped shape the landscape of webcasting and organizational live streaming, notably for clients in Ottawa’s public sector. When we team up, we actively blend our strengths to deliver unparalleled experiences that have been honed for over a decade!

Together, we harness experience and insight to help orient our webcasts around inclusivity and accessibility. Our platform was meticulously designed to ensure universal accessibility, overcome language barriers, and do so in a way that’s optimized for organizational networks, firewalls, and related data protocols. These nuanced requisites and our platform’s ability to meet and exceed them are what keep our shared clients coming back for more — a true fusion of expertise!

CollaborateVideo’s partnership with Baldwin resonates with a shared dedication to driving organizational success with technological innovation and collaboration. The integration of client insights from events, Baldwin’s professional expertise, and the inclusion of additional tools has truly elevated the CollaborateVideo platform into a league of its own when it comes to engaging and accessible webcasts. 

Why partner with CollaborateVideo?

  1. Platform Design: Our platform addresses language, accessibility, and data requisites, catering to the unique needs of both public and private sector clients.
  2. A Unified Vision: Beyond the tech, our audio-visual partnerships are founded on a shared vision of fostering seamless communication and collaboration.
  3. Pioneering Accessibility: From the outset, CollaborateVideo has surpassed industry accessibility standards, prioritizing inclusivity and our successful partnerships stem from combining technical excellence with inclusive innovation.
  4. Hybrid Solutions: Collaboration facilitates hybrid events and uninterrupted workflows, helping organizations adapt and transition towards hybrid work and events.
  5. An Agile Approach: CollaborateVideo responds to market demands, be it new and needed dynamic features, customized solutions and services, etc.
  6. Client-Centric: Embracing client feedback and feature requests ensures ongoing optimization for tailored user experiences and our trusted partners are a core piece of this feedback process.
  7. Revolutionary Teamwork: Our dedication is to help organizations achieve success through technological innovation and collaborative approaches.

Partnering with CollaborateVideo isn’t just about integrating a powerful webcasting platform, it’s about joining forces to redefine the audio-visual services you can offer and provide to your clients. CollaborateVideo’s shared vision with AV leaders amplifies accessibility, innovation, and client-centricity. Our agile approach ensures that our partnerships meet industry standards and set new benchmarks for success!


From a robust webcasting platform and ongoing technical support to feature requests and custom builds, our platform and partnerships do it all! Contact CollaborateVideo today to discuss your organization’s or event’s webcasting and audio-visual needs. 

Want to ensure that your webcasts and virtual events are accessible to everyone? Incorporating accessibility features makes your virtual events accessible to a wider range of individuals. Organizations require platforms that include and accommodate everyone, organizations need CollaborateVideo!

Why CollaborateVideo’s Solutions?

  1. Accessibility at the Core

Accessibility isn’t an afterthought, it’s at the core of digital solutions. We firmly believe in webcasting for all and that virtual and hybrid events need to be inclusive so that everyone can access and engage with content. As we continue to develop our Canadian, WCAG 2.1 AA compliant platform and support more events, we help make this mission a reality!

Our platform offers a range of accessibility features, including closed captioning, sign language interpretation, and screen reader compatibility. These features ensure that your webcasts are inclusive and meet the highest accessibility standards. Add in numerous engagement features like Q&A, chat, polling, etc. and let collaboration thrive.

  1. Years of Government of Canada Experience

CollaborateVideo has been at the forefront of webcasting technology and providing services to the federal government for over 20 years. We understand the unique needs and requirements of Government of Canada clients and our custom-tailored solutions align perfectly with the goals and values of public sector organizations, working within organizational network infrastructures.

With over two decades of experience working alongside federal government agencies, we have honed our expertise to a fine point. This means that we not only understand the intricacies of the government sector but also know how to navigate them effectively, ensuring a smooth and efficient webcasting experience.

  1. Multiple Features for Multiple Languages

Canada is a diverse nation with a commitment to bilingualism and multiculturalism. This diversity is reflected in the languages spoken across the country. CollaborateVideo recognizes the importance of ensuring that your webcasts are accessible to all, regardless of their language preferences.

Our platform is not just bilingual; it’s multilingual. We go beyond the official languages to cater to the needs of your audience. Whether your content needs to be delivered in English, French, or any other language, we have you covered. Our seamless multilingual support allows you to connect with a broader and more diverse audience, strengthening your message’s impact.

  1. Reliability You Can Trust

When it comes to webcasting, reliability is non-negotiable. Government events often involve high-stakes information dissemination and technical glitches can’t be allowed to disrupt the flow. CollaborateVideo understands the importance of a robust and reliable platform, and we’ve invested heavily in making sure our technology is up to the task.

With our platform, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your webcasts will run smoothly, without hiccups, adapting and optimizing based on contributing network and viewer variables. We handle the behind-the-scenes, ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch. This leaves you free to focus on the content and engagement while we take care of the technical intricacies.

  1. A Simplified, Worry-Free Setup

Government professionals are busy individuals with numerous responsibilities. The last thing you need is a complex and time-consuming setup process for your webcasts. CollaborateVideo takes pride in simplifying the entire process. With our platform, you don’t need to be a technical expert. 

We do the heavy lifting for you, from setting up the branded event website, registration with controlled access and two-factor authentication, configured accessibility and engagement features, streaming infrastructure, as well as a host of ad hoc consulting and support services. Focus on your content and we’ll ensure that it reaches your audience!

Empowering the Government of Canada

In a country as vast and diverse as Canada, effective communication necessitates far-reaching and dependable solutions. CollaborateVideo is dedicated to empowering our public sector clients with accessible, multilingual, and reliable webcasting solutions. 

Our experience working with the federal government has given us unique insights. We’ve used this knowledge to craft a webcasting platform that meets these specific needs, allowing for more inclusive and effective webcasting events than ever before.

Closed CaptionsAudio DescriptionsKeyboard AccessibilityUser TechnologiesLanguage Options
Closed captions and transcripts assist people with hearing loss and participants in noisier environmentsAudio descriptions provide additional information about the visual content for people with blindness or low visionShortcut keys enable quick access to specific navigation elements of the webcast platformCompatible with other assistive technologies like screen readers and voice recognitionMultiple spoken language options
Benefits listeners who may not share the same native language as the speakerAbility to switch language, audio preference, and video stream quality during a live broadcastSign language options (ASL/QSL) and simultaneous interpretation

More Than Just a Webcasting Company

CollaborateVideo is a Canadian company dedicated to helping our public sector clients succeed in their communication needs. With dispersed teams across the country, different departments and office locations, as well as hybrid work policies, accessible webcasts are more critical than ever. 


Our multilingual platform, decades of reliable experience, and simplified setup process make us the ideal partner for your accessible webcasting needs. Let’s work together to make virtual and hybrid events impactful. Contact us today to experience the CollaborateVideo difference!

Looking to bring together your in-person and remote audiences? CollaborateVideo’s customizable platform will help participants get the most out of your event, no matter where they’re located! Our tailored hybrid event services offer remarkable benefits that will take your pertinent public sector communications events to the next level.

The Power of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events seamlessly blend the best of both physical and virtual worlds. They empower you to reach a broader audience while preserving the essence of in-person connections. Here are some key advantages to going hybrid…

Enhanced Accessibility: With a hybrid event, you can engage participants from every corner of the country, promoting inclusivity and equal access to important information. This is particularly vital for government agencies with distributed teams and far-reaching projects.

Budget Efficiency: Incorporating virtual components into your events can lead to substantial cost savings, allowing you to allocate resources to where they matter most. This is especially advantageous for government agencies aiming to optimize their budgets while delivering impactful events that achieve their goals.

Training & Development: Government employees are constantly updating their skills and knowledge. Our webcasting services enable agencies to deliver training programs and workshops online.

Flexibility for All: Hybrid events provide attendees with the flexibility to choose how they participate, whether in-person or virtually. This inclusivity (in combination with our full suite of accessibility features) ensures higher engagement rates and a more dynamic event experience.

Data-Driven Insights: Hybrid events offer a treasure trove of data and analytics, enabling agencies to gauge the impact of their events, gather invaluable feedback, and make well-informed decisions for future initiatives.

CollaborateVideo’s Hybrid Event Solutions

So, how can CollaborateVideo help you harness the potential of hybrid events?

  1. Custom Tailored Solutions

We understand that every event is unique. That’s why we work closely with government agencies to craft hybrid event services that align with their specific objectives and requirements. Whether you’re organizing a town hall meeting, a policy announcement, or a training session, we have the tools and expertise to make it an outstanding success.

  1. Engagement Focused Features

To encourage active participation and interaction, our platform offers a range of engagement tools, such as live chat, real-time polling, Q&A sessions, and can link to multiple breakout rooms. These features enable participants to engage deeply with content and connect with fellow attendees, mirroring the vibrancy of in-person gatherings.

  1. Accessibility & Inclusivity

CollaborateVideo is dedicated to ensuring that your events are accessible to all. Our WCAG 2.1 AA compliant platform provides closed captioning, sign language interpretation, bilingual/multi-lingual options, and other accessibility features to include and accommodate all audiences.

  1. Comprehensive Insights

Following your event, we furnish you with comprehensive analytics reports that shed light on attendee behaviour, engagement levels, and other pivotal data points. Get a granular view of participation and other insightful performance trends that empower you to refine your event strategies and content for future iterations. 

Our Collaborative Hybrid Events

Hybrid webcast events are becoming increasingly popular in today’s busy world. Organizations in the public sector need a robust and reliable hybrid event platform with measurable benefits. At CollaborateVideo, we’re committed to helping Government of Canada clients like you take your events to the next level.

Hybrid Event

Our hybrid event services provide a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds allowing you to reach and engage wider audiences, making a lasting impact. CollaborateVideo offers the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds and maximize effectiveness. 


If you’re eager to take your hybrid events to new heights, let’s collaborate! Contact us today to learn more about our accessible, engaging, and impactful webcasting solutions.

Looking for powerful group collaboration features in a scalable platform? CollaborateVideo’s government-tailored solutions let you reach a broader audience more easily! Our platform is perfect for putting together department town hall meetings, workshops/seminars, or presenting to colleagues across different locations.

Our Commitment to Communication

CollaborateVideo’s commitment to excellence and innovation in webcasting services has allowed us to forge lasting partnerships with government agencies at all levels. We understand the unique communication needs of our public sector clients and tailor our services to precisely meet those demands.

Our webcasting solutions span a wide range of applications including:

Why Choose CollaborateVideo?

  1. Experience AND Expertise: With years of experience working with the federal government, we understand the unique requirements and challenges of public sector webcasting and foster a collaborative approach to addressing them. We use proven processes and trusted technologies.
  1. Cutting-Edge Canadian Technology: We’re a Canadian company and leverage state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable and high-quality webcasting services. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our clients always have what they need, with little to no setup.
  1. Accessibility & Security: Our platform meets all Government of Canada security requirements and is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, offering accessibility features such as closed captions, simultaneous interpretation audio support, sign language options (ASL/LSQ), and more.
  1. Languages: We can support multiple languages, video, and audio selectable settings (including simultaneous interpretation). With our dedicated resources area and live support staff made available through the Helpdesk, we’re only ever a click away to assist in your needs!
  1. Scalability: Whether it’s a small meeting or a large-scale event, we’ve got you covered from the streaming distribution AND pricing side of things. Our platform leverages adaptive bitrate technology for an optimized viewer experience and our pricing model is based on time (not number of viewers), so you pay the same regardless of event size. 

Our Collaborative Webcasting Process

ConsultationPreparationExecutionPost-Event Analysis
We begin by understanding your objectives and requirements, fostering a collaborative partnership.We handle all the technical aspects, from website and webcast player setup to testing, ensuring a seamless webcasting experience.On the day of the event, we monitor all aspects of the webcast and report on the number of connections in real-time.After the event, we provide detailed analytics to help you assess the impact of your webcast
Our team of experts works closely with government agencies to plan the webcasting strategy that best aligns with your goals.We also provide training and support for your team to maximize the effectiveness of the webcast, promoting collaborative knowledge sharing.Our team is always on standby to address any issues that may arise, ensuring a worry-free experience.These insights are instrumental in measuring effectiveness and improving when planning future events.

Join the Collaborative Revolution

Our track record speaks for itself. Government agencies across Canada have entrusted us with their webcasting needs, and the results have been remarkable. Webcasting is not just a tool, it’s a revolution in the way government agencies collaborate with their stakeholders and the public.


At CollaborateVideo, we play a pivotal role in this webcast transformation. Our dedication to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to government-centric solutions make us the ideal partner. Contact us today to learn more about our accessible, engaging, and impactful webcasting solutions.