Want to ensure that your webcasts and virtual events are accessible to everyone? Incorporating accessibility features makes your virtual events accessible to a wider range of individuals. Organizations require platforms that include and accommodate everyone, organizations need CollaborateVideo!

Why CollaborateVideo’s Solutions?

  1. Accessibility at the Core

Accessibility isn’t an afterthought, it’s at the core of digital solutions. We firmly believe in webcasting for all and that virtual and hybrid events need to be inclusive so that everyone can access and engage with content. As we continue to develop our Canadian, WCAG 2.1 AA compliant platform and support more events, we help make this mission a reality!

Our platform offers a range of accessibility features, including closed captioning, sign language interpretation, and screen reader compatibility. These features ensure that your webcasts are inclusive and meet the highest accessibility standards. Add in numerous engagement features like Q&A, chat, polling, etc. and let collaboration thrive.

  1. Years of Government of Canada Experience

CollaborateVideo has been at the forefront of webcasting technology and providing services to the federal government for over 20 years. We understand the unique needs and requirements of Government of Canada clients and our custom-tailored solutions align perfectly with the goals and values of public sector organizations, working within organizational network infrastructures.

With over two decades of experience working alongside federal government agencies, we have honed our expertise to a fine point. This means that we not only understand the intricacies of the government sector but also know how to navigate them effectively, ensuring a smooth and efficient webcasting experience.

  1. Multiple Features for Multiple Languages

Canada is a diverse nation with a commitment to bilingualism and multiculturalism. This diversity is reflected in the languages spoken across the country. CollaborateVideo recognizes the importance of ensuring that your webcasts are accessible to all, regardless of their language preferences.

Our platform is not just bilingual; it’s multilingual. We go beyond the official languages to cater to the needs of your audience. Whether your content needs to be delivered in English, French, or any other language, we have you covered. Our seamless multilingual support allows you to connect with a broader and more diverse audience, strengthening your message’s impact.

  1. Reliability You Can Trust

When it comes to webcasting, reliability is non-negotiable. Government events often involve high-stakes information dissemination and technical glitches can’t be allowed to disrupt the flow. CollaborateVideo understands the importance of a robust and reliable platform, and we’ve invested heavily in making sure our technology is up to the task.

With our platform, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your webcasts will run smoothly, without hiccups, adapting and optimizing based on contributing network and viewer variables. We handle the behind-the-scenes, ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch. This leaves you free to focus on the content and engagement while we take care of the technical intricacies.

  1. A Simplified, Worry-Free Setup

Government professionals are busy individuals with numerous responsibilities. The last thing you need is a complex and time-consuming setup process for your webcasts. CollaborateVideo takes pride in simplifying the entire process. With our platform, you don’t need to be a technical expert. 

We do the heavy lifting for you, from setting up the branded event website, registration with controlled access and two-factor authentication, configured accessibility and engagement features, streaming infrastructure, as well as a host of ad hoc consulting and support services. Focus on your content and we’ll ensure that it reaches your audience!

Empowering the Government of Canada

In a country as vast and diverse as Canada, effective communication necessitates far-reaching and dependable solutions. CollaborateVideo is dedicated to empowering our public sector clients with accessible, multilingual, and reliable webcasting solutions. 

Our experience working with the federal government has given us unique insights. We’ve used this knowledge to craft a webcasting platform that meets these specific needs, allowing for more inclusive and effective webcasting events than ever before.

Closed CaptionsAudio DescriptionsKeyboard AccessibilityUser TechnologiesLanguage Options
Closed captions and transcripts assist people with hearing loss and participants in noisier environmentsAudio descriptions provide additional information about the visual content for people with blindness or low visionShortcut keys enable quick access to specific navigation elements of the webcast platformCompatible with other assistive technologies like screen readers and voice recognitionMultiple spoken language options
Benefits listeners who may not share the same native language as the speakerAbility to switch language, audio preference, and video stream quality during a live broadcastSign language options (ASL/QSL) and simultaneous interpretation

More Than Just a Webcasting Company

CollaborateVideo is a Canadian company dedicated to helping our public sector clients succeed in their communication needs. With dispersed teams across the country, different departments and office locations, as well as hybrid work policies, accessible webcasts are more critical than ever. 


Our multilingual platform, decades of reliable experience, and simplified setup process make us the ideal partner for your accessible webcasting needs. Let’s work together to make virtual and hybrid events impactful. Contact us today to experience the CollaborateVideo difference!

Looking to bring together your in-person and remote audiences? CollaborateVideo’s customizable platform will help participants get the most out of your event, no matter where they’re located! Our tailored hybrid event services offer remarkable benefits that will take your pertinent public sector communications events to the next level.

The Power of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events seamlessly blend the best of both physical and virtual worlds. They empower you to reach a broader audience while preserving the essence of in-person connections. Here are some key advantages to going hybrid…

Enhanced Accessibility: With a hybrid event, you can engage participants from every corner of the country, promoting inclusivity and equal access to important information. This is particularly vital for government agencies with distributed teams and far-reaching projects.

Budget Efficiency: Incorporating virtual components into your events can lead to substantial cost savings, allowing you to allocate resources to where they matter most. This is especially advantageous for government agencies aiming to optimize their budgets while delivering impactful events that achieve their goals.

Training & Development: Government employees are constantly updating their skills and knowledge. Our webcasting services enable agencies to deliver training programs and workshops online.

Flexibility for All: Hybrid events provide attendees with the flexibility to choose how they participate, whether in-person or virtually. This inclusivity (in combination with our full suite of accessibility features) ensures higher engagement rates and a more dynamic event experience.

Data-Driven Insights: Hybrid events offer a treasure trove of data and analytics, enabling agencies to gauge the impact of their events, gather invaluable feedback, and make well-informed decisions for future initiatives.

CollaborateVideo’s Hybrid Event Solutions

So, how can CollaborateVideo help you harness the potential of hybrid events?

  1. Custom Tailored Solutions

We understand that every event is unique. That’s why we work closely with government agencies to craft hybrid event services that align with their specific objectives and requirements. Whether you’re organizing a town hall meeting, a policy announcement, or a training session, we have the tools and expertise to make it an outstanding success.

  1. Engagement Focused Features

To encourage active participation and interaction, our platform offers a range of engagement tools, such as live chat, real-time polling, Q&A sessions, and can link to multiple breakout rooms. These features enable participants to engage deeply with content and connect with fellow attendees, mirroring the vibrancy of in-person gatherings.

  1. Accessibility & Inclusivity

CollaborateVideo is dedicated to ensuring that your events are accessible to all. Our WCAG 2.1 AA compliant platform provides closed captioning, sign language interpretation, bilingual/multi-lingual options, and other accessibility features to include and accommodate all audiences.

  1. Comprehensive Insights

Following your event, we furnish you with comprehensive analytics reports that shed light on attendee behaviour, engagement levels, and other pivotal data points. Get a granular view of participation and other insightful performance trends that empower you to refine your event strategies and content for future iterations. 

Our Collaborative Hybrid Events

Hybrid webcast events are becoming increasingly popular in today’s busy world. Organizations in the public sector need a robust and reliable hybrid event platform with measurable benefits. At CollaborateVideo, we’re committed to helping Government of Canada clients like you take your events to the next level.

Hybrid Event

Our hybrid event services provide a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds allowing you to reach and engage wider audiences, making a lasting impact. CollaborateVideo offers the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds and maximize effectiveness. 


If you’re eager to take your hybrid events to new heights, let’s collaborate! Contact us today to learn more about our accessible, engaging, and impactful webcasting solutions.

Looking for powerful group collaboration features in a scalable platform? CollaborateVideo’s government-tailored solutions let you reach a broader audience more easily! Our platform is perfect for putting together department town hall meetings, workshops/seminars, or presenting to colleagues across different locations.

Our Commitment to Communication

CollaborateVideo’s commitment to excellence and innovation in webcasting services has allowed us to forge lasting partnerships with government agencies at all levels. We understand the unique communication needs of our public sector clients and tailor our services to precisely meet those demands.

Our webcasting solutions span a wide range of applications including:

Why Choose CollaborateVideo?

  1. Experience AND Expertise: With years of experience working with the federal government, we understand the unique requirements and challenges of public sector webcasting and foster a collaborative approach to addressing them. We use proven processes and trusted technologies.
  1. Cutting-Edge Canadian Technology: We’re a Canadian company and leverage state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable and high-quality webcasting services. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our clients always have what they need, with little to no setup.
  1. Accessibility & Security: Our platform meets all Government of Canada security requirements and is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, offering accessibility features such as closed captions, simultaneous interpretation audio support, sign language options (ASL/LSQ), and more.
  1. Languages: We can support multiple languages, video, and audio selectable settings (including simultaneous interpretation). With our dedicated resources area and live support staff made available through the Helpdesk, we’re only ever a click away to assist in your needs!
  1. Scalability: Whether it’s a small meeting or a large-scale event, we’ve got you covered from the streaming distribution AND pricing side of things. Our platform leverages adaptive bitrate technology for an optimized viewer experience and our pricing model is based on time (not number of viewers), so you pay the same regardless of event size. 

Our Collaborative Webcasting Process

ConsultationPreparationExecutionPost-Event Analysis
We begin by understanding your objectives and requirements, fostering a collaborative partnership.We handle all the technical aspects, from website and webcast player setup to testing, ensuring a seamless webcasting experience.On the day of the event, we monitor all aspects of the webcast and report on the number of connections in real-time.After the event, we provide detailed analytics to help you assess the impact of your webcast
Our team of experts works closely with government agencies to plan the webcasting strategy that best aligns with your goals.We also provide training and support for your team to maximize the effectiveness of the webcast, promoting collaborative knowledge sharing.Our team is always on standby to address any issues that may arise, ensuring a worry-free experience.These insights are instrumental in measuring effectiveness and improving when planning future events.

Join the Collaborative Revolution

Our track record speaks for itself. Government agencies across Canada have entrusted us with their webcasting needs, and the results have been remarkable. Webcasting is not just a tool, it’s a revolution in the way government agencies collaborate with their stakeholders and the public.


At CollaborateVideo, we play a pivotal role in this webcast transformation. Our dedication to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to government-centric solutions make us the ideal partner. Contact us today to learn more about our accessible, engaging, and impactful webcasting solutions.