Looking to create an immersive audio-visual experience that transcends boundaries? Our expertly curated services and trusted audio-visual partners will transform your event aspirations into reality!

Elevate the aesthetic of your event using state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and design. Let CollaborateVideo handle the webcast and our local and national audio-visual partners will execute the desired look and feel for your event space.


  • Push-to-talk microphones
  • Wireless microphones (lapel, handhelds, and headsets)
  • Q/A & podium microphones
  • Audio recordings
  • Digital audio consoles
  • High-clarity speakers & subwoofers
  • Compressors & limiters
  • Media feed or box


  • HD projectors
  • Tripod & projection screens
  • TV monitors
  • Multi-lingual presentation setups
  • Laptops & wireless presentation remotes
  • Seamless video and production switchers
  • Teleprompter (equipment & operator)
  • Social media walls


  • Quality stage washes
  • Camera lighting (photography & videography)
  • Decor & panel lighting
  • Video & press conference lighting
  • Custom-coloured & LED lighting 
  • Custom gobo lighting (company branding)

Sets & Staging

  • Custom modular staging (different sizes & heights)
  • Carpeted staging decks
  • Backdrop draping (variety of colours)
  • Custom plexiglass and tabletop podiums (e.g. VH1 Standard Lectern)
  • Wheelchair ramps and accessibility accommodations

From high-definition video feeds to crystal-clear audio, our partners are adept at orchestrating the technical aspects of your in-person setup. Lighting, staging, sound — every detail is meticulously curated so that your on-site and online audiences experience your event with unparalleled clarity and engagement.

Whether it’s a corporate conference, a product launch, or a hybrid seminar, our collaborative approach ensures that your message resonates powerfully and with a professional look and sound. With our support, you can focus on delivering compelling content while we take care of the technology behind the scenes.

Contact us to help take your event’s audio-visual setup to the next level!