Lights, Camera, Access With CollaborateVideo!

August 28 2023


Are you in the business of crafting amazing audio-visual events? We’ve got a backstage pass that will turn your clients’ events into unforgettable and inclusive experiences with our comprehensive accessibility solutions!

Prioritizing Event Accessibility

Organizations require platforms that accommodate everyone. Organizations need CollaborateVideo! Our platform is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant with accessibility features that allow for an inclusive experience.

  1. Bringing Everyone Together

Events are for everyone. From closed captioning and sign language interpretation to audio descriptions, we make sure that every single participant can fully immerse themselves in your event. Imagine every detail of your event resonating with every attendee. That’s what we aim for!

  1. Blending the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid events are the name of the game, and we’re the reigning champs! Our services are tailored to seamlessly weave accessibility into all event formats. So whether your attendees are in the room with you, joining virtually from across the globe, or a blend of both, everyone gets to experience it.

  1. Pioneering AV Accessibility

Our team of techs has created state-of-the-art solutions that work flawlessly within your AV setup and workflow. CollaborateVideo’s platform is designed to ensure that accessibility is a cornerstone of your event’s success.

  1. Custom Tailored

Just like no two events are alike, our approach is uniquely customized. We understand that each event has its own goals and content. That’s why our team collaborates closely with yours to tailor our accessibility features to your event’s needs. Enhance your event’s vision with CollaborateVideo!

  1. Empowering Your Team

Offer your clients event experiences that add layers of meaning, connection, and resonance. We know you’re not just setting up equipment, you’re crafting audio-visual experiences that resonate with everyone! Whether your team is broadcasting an in-person extravaganza, doing a virtual showcase, or hosting a hybrid event, we’ll make sure everyone gets a front-row seat.

What Sets CollaborateVideo’s Accessibility Solutions Apart:

Closed CaptionsAudio DescriptionsKeyboard AccessibilityUser TechnologiesLanguage Options
Closed captions and transcripts assist people with hearing loss and those in noisier environmentsProvide additional information about visual content for people with blindness or low visionShortcut keys enable quick access to specific navigation elements on the webcast platformCompatible with other assistive technologies like screen readers and voice recognitionMultiple spoken language options
Benefits listeners who may not share the same native language as the speakerAbility to switch language, audio preference, and stream qualitySign language (ASL/QSL) and simultaneous interpretation

As our digital landscape continues to grow, reaching a wider audience isn’t a choice — it’s a responsibility. By partnering with CollaborateVideo, you’re investing in top-notch technology and inclusivity. So let’s not just stream, let’s stream forward and redefine the way the world watches.


Want to ensure that your webcasts and virtual events are accessible to everyone? Contact CollaborateVideo today to learn more about our accessibility solutions, perfect for your AV company’s webcasts and hybrid events.

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